Friday, November 13, 2009

About Unpainted

Ceramic Unpainted mini figurine

Ready to paint "

Painting ceramic is fun and easy project

My unpainted figurine are my design and technique
having a full detail which you can see at the picture

from the left: a clay figurine yet fired in a kiln

middle picture: figurine bisque fired at 800 degrees
it is the same other bisque which is adsorb water
and have a dust

right picture: My unpainted figurine high fired
at 1,250 degrees
so my figure is sturdy non absorbent
cleaned and free of dust

I also have Painted dog figurine in many thing
such as Salt and Pepper Shaker
Piggy Bank

This is how different of my unpainted and other!!!

left is bisque fired at 800 degrees
right is my unpainted fired at 1,250 degrees

My unpainted fired at 1,250 degrees
so it have a delicate detail than bisque
fired at 800 degrees

I have many dog breeds for your selection
and if you can't find your dog please contact me
I can make all kind of dog cat and other animals

These unpainted ceramic would be a great activity
or Birthday party or Children at school
Your child and friend can crate beautiful
hand paint and can keep after party if over

I have variety of dog breeds such as

We specializing in dog ceramic and the list will keep growing
beside of dog I also can make cat and other animals

I have unpainted all long hair and short hair dog

I have almost every size of dog

Large like Great Dane and Boxer

Medium like French bulldog and Pug
Small dog like Poodle and Chihuahua

My unpainted have a perfect detail
you can see dog hair clearly

I have both Great Dane natural ears and crop ears

I also have small dog breeds like
French bulldog, Chihuahua, Pug
and if you looking for any breeds
can let me know

Technique to paint

Before you paint should apply white base foundation
cover all the unpainted then paint the color as your want

White base foundation will make your art piece
more smooth and clear

after your painted just spray glossy finish for
more shine and sparkling

and you can add little crystal or any accessories
like collar and charm

In this picture I add small rhinestone bone charm
the size is fit with all unpainted figurine

if you interest can find them in my shop

My unpainted figurine can be wash many time as you wish

because my figurine is non absorbent

if you not satisfy with your paint just remove
in detergent or shampoo
and let it dry.
Then put white base foundation before re paint

You can create your art piece upon your creativity

You can paint the dog tongue out is also lovely

Let me show some idea:

I create series of dog witch for my Halloween and also
home decoration and I can put them
as Christmas Ornament

How to make a dog witch

I using polymer clay sculpt a hat, collar,scarf
and glue on the ceramic figurine and I always
add crystal so my piece look more sparkling

For this Great Dane dog figurine
I using polymer clay sculpt a hood shirt
and carnival hat
or scarf for them

You can make them at your home with your family members
and friend or you may let your children create
a perfect gift for their friends.

French bulldog the witch figurine would
make a great gift
for everyone !!!

I using polymer clay sculpt for a witch hat
flower and collar

This picture shown 3 steps
1. dog figurine unpainted
2. I add polymer clay dog hat
3. Painted dog figurine

It's not difficult everyone and enjoy

You can create for many design and colors

Acrylic ceramic paint are available in almost any
shade or color as know

Unpainted ceramic can be paint for
any color of

For a Christmas you just sculpt Christmas hat
from polymer clay and it can be personal use as
ornament or a gift for Christmas

Any dog breeds can be add a Christmas hat
polymer clay and for more cute don't forget
to sculpt a dog collar for them

Chinese Crested look very cute with polymer carnival hat

again... I made carnival hat by using polymer clay and
paint in colorful hat

Cavalier King Charles or any dog breeds
can be embellish extra accessories for Christmas
like in this picture
I sculpt polymer clay hat scarf and collar
and paint in Christmas color tone, red and green

Chihuahua unpainted can be add polymer clay hat
and polymer clay collar

"Dog party"
Just sculpt party accessories like hat, scarf or any
and paint a colorful color

So these dog ready to hang out

Make your Bull terrier, Chihuahua, French bulldog
more adorable just add polymer clay spike collar
shocking pink hat and red hat

you can sculpt these accessories from polymer clay
and fix on the unpainted

Great Dane natural ears can add Christmas hat and I
also add rhinestone bone charm for his collar

Border collie I sculpt polymer clay party hat

Chinese Crested dog I sculpt carnival hat and
red collar

Chihuahua with sweetie pink hood shirt
I sculpt hood shirt from polymer clay and fix
on the unpainted dog paint polka dot
and spray gloss finish for more shine and protected

You can make a coffee sugar tea glass bottle
just glue these mini figurine on the top of cork

Very cute on your kitchen table!!!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels on the sugar bottle

You can make by your own!!!

Just paint your favorite dog on unpainted figurine
and glue on the bottle or any other things as you wish

if you have anymore please feel free to share

Bride and Groom dog on wedding cake topper

also your can do...

You can paint your favorite dog to be a cake topper

See!! How cute they do..

You can add wedding dress to unpainted figurine
by using polymer clay sculpt a flower, bow tie
tuxedo, dress, collar or any

I also have wedding dog in my other blog:
please see awesome wedding cake topper dog

Making your chihuahua bride and groom
I make big flower, bowler hat, bow tie
from polymer clay wait until it dry and fix
on the unpainted dog and paint in color as
I wish and the last spray gloss finish protected

You may have different breeds bride and groom dog

like this Pug groom and Yorkshire bride

This idea is should be work

Just paint a word on the shirt of each dog figurine

what ever in your thought...

Freely paint any design and colors to your favorite dog
and it should more adorable by add some crystal
on the dog collar

Put them on your work table on the shelf or
hang them on the Christmas tree

My cutie Pug dog her name is Joe
so I just paint Joe on unpainted Pug dog
and put on my table work

Chihuahua unpainted can be paint for many color
of Chihuahua dog that available in the world and you
can keep as your collection

At the back I paint L O V E on each dog
you can paint any word on the dog

This is some idea of American pit bull crop ears dog

I sculpt spike dog from polymer clay and add with
clear crystal

I also paint a word B E L I E V E
on the back of the shirt and also add
crystal and glitter

You can put these on your table
or hang them as Ornament

At the top of each dog figurine has a small hole
so you can put a wire for photo holder
business card, note and more...

Handcrafted aluminum wire art can be make
into may design as in this picture

I make in circle, heart and heart with love

You can make wire photo clip by yourself
using aluminum wire or you can visit my shop
I also have many design of wire art of sale

At your wedding or party
you can use this dog figurine to put
Guest's name table

you can paint unpainted dog and use in your
dinner party or wedding by put a table number
guest's name table

I put a wire photo holder on the head of dog
to put a photo, message

You can paint your favorite dog to put your dog photo

You can paint unpainted dog and put a
message or photo
on your table

you can paint unpainted to look like your
dog and put a photo

You can paint any color of Chinese Crested dog
or paint them all and keep in your collection


You can paint and keep in your collection
put on your shelf for home decor or make them
as a gift for your family friend or college

I paint and add polymer clay and put
them on the shelf

I make a small shelf for these little dog
and hand on the wall for home decoration

A great gift for dog lover

A collection of dog in handmade wood shelf

I put a little dog on wire stand for my
and collection

On the top of every dog head has a small hole
for you to put a head pin

and can put them as ornament or keychain charm

at this picture you can see a hole on the dog head

This picture shown after put head pin

Dog figurine is strength enough to put
a picture even a large one

A spike dog collar is hand sculpt from polymer clay
add with crystal and rhinestone bone charm

The accessories that I embellish on the dog figurine
I also have it for sale if you interest to
D.I.Y your unpainted figurine can visit
my shop or contact me

I paint unpainted to look like my Bull Terrier dog
and put a my dog picture on it

I also add spike dog collar which sculpted from
polymer clay and add rhinestone bone charm

I handcrafted aluminum wire to be
earing holder and put
in on the hole at
the head of Yorkshire Terrier dog

It would make a lovely gift for a women and girl

You can make wire earing holder by yourself or
if you can't I also have it for sale

I made this Yorkshire Terrier to be earing holder

I handcrafted aluminum wire and put on
the Yorkshire terrier head

Unpainted Shi Tzu with handcrafted wire earing
this wire earing holder can hold 2 pairs earing

Chinese Crested Dog with a wire earing holder

I have 2 size of wire earing holder

small size can hold 1 pairs earing
and larger size can hold 2 pairs earing

Yorkshire Terrier with 2 pairs earing holder

Flower holder and photo holder handcrafted
aluminum wire

I made wire flower and photo holder
and put at the hole on head Great Dane natural ears

Even small dog like Pug or large dog like Grate Dane
can put handcrafted flower and photo holder

I have 2 designs of flower and photo holder
Swirl circle and Swirl heart

Great Dane is swirl circle
Black pug is swirl heart

You can use at your wedding or dinner party to put
a flower and guest name table

Brindle American pit bull terrier crop ears
add polymer clay spike dog collar and rhinestone
bone charm
with a wire flower and photo holder

You also can make

Aluminum wire flower and photo holder
are handcrafted.
I also have in my shop

You can make your Christmas Ornament
by painting an unpainted dog figurine
and hang them on Christmas tree

Or you can put them as keychain charm
to keep it with you anywhere...

I have keyring set with leather fob as you seen
in the picture
in my shop too...

You can paint unpainted dog figurine to
look like your dog
and add collar dog collar
hat, bow, hair clip
by using polymer clay

How to make this dog figurine to be keychain

put a head pin on dog head
and put a keychain into head pin

It's convenience and easy everyone can do

I have keychain set ready to be use with this dog figurine
if you interest you can find in my shop or contact me

I have 18 keychain leather fob for your selection
Red, Light blue, Blue, Pink, Green, Black
Purple, Brown, Metallic silver, White
Silver glitter, Green glitter, Red glitter

Keychain is always be a great gift for everyone

can how great if you can you do it yourself...

D.I.Y keychain for many dog breeds and design
upon your imagination

I used good quality material keychain
thick stainless ring
bone pendant inlaid rhinestone
beautiful leather fob
and metallic silver small bell with good sound